Monday, February 10, 2014

The White Stuff

Ahhh, beefcake wrestlers in white trunks. Of all the colors a wrestler could pick, I think white (actually, a non-color) is the hardest to wear in the ring. It looks like underwear, can be somewhat revealing, and stains easily. And yet, white looks so hot! What do you think of these beefcake wrestlers in white?
Cody Rhodes

Jamie White

Prince Devitt

Clay Moore

Kharn Alexander

Noam Dar

Justin Gabriel (circa 2011 or  2012?)

Jaxon Dane (retired)

Alexander James

Scotty Mac

Ashton Vuitton in silvery-white trunks 
Classic white wearer Tom Zenk


  1. Thr unknown guy is scotty Mac :D

  2. the question mark photo is scotty mac i think!

  3. Jamie white has got to be one of the hottest wrestlers.

  4. They all look great in their 'good guy' white trunks, the best look to show off, 'talent'!!
    But the classic muscleman Tom Z-Man Zenk is still one of the all time greatest.

    - Did Paul Roma ever wrestle in white? I can't recall, but I would be in wrestling-heaven if I ever found a pic.