Sunday, February 16, 2014

Chris Masters In and Out of the Ring

One of this blog's readers, Almatolmen, wanted to share these photos he found online of former WWE superstar Chris Masters in a match against British wrestler Kris Travis. Masters is one of Almatolmen's favorite beefcake wrestlers and aside from the pics in this bout, he also collected some images of Masters in non-wrestling situations. Thanks for sharing, Almatolmen.

Now here's Masters out of the ring.


  1. Thank you, Bruno! They look...well the adjectives fail me. I hope everyone enjoys them as I do.

  2. I particularly like #3, which I call "look Ma, no hands and he's still suffering" and the third from the last, that I think of as "two new Pyramids at Gaza". Oh, and "Hail to the Triumphant".

  3. Thanks, Bruno AND Almatolmen! This reminds me of how much I miss Chris Masters...