Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Anthony Nese vs. Ashton Vuitton

Look at the treat my good friend (and longtime contributor to this blog) Jim from Chicago has for us -- exclusive photos of a recent match between Anthony "The Premiere Athlete" Nese and Ashton Vuitton. Jim attended the annual Chicago Six Corners BBQ Fest and said that "the ribs on the grill weren't the only thing sizzling." Here's Jim's report:

"Nese came to the event and wrestled in not one but two matches...and he showed up in style! These shots are from his second match Saturday where his opponent was Chicago's own Ashton Vuitton. The match was great with lots of outside ring action much to the delight of fans. In the end, it was Nese who rode off with the victory."

Awesome photos, Jim! Truly spectacular! And Jim promises that there's more to come (I can't wait!). Thanks so much, buddy!

(P.S. I've noticed some of Jim's work which has been featured on this blog being reposted on Tumblr and other sites. It's great to share his fantastic photos with a wider audience, but please, if you have to repost, do not crop out the "Wrestlpics@gmail.com" credit on the side of each image. Jim is being generous by sharing his hobby with us and the least we can do is give him some credit. Thanks.)

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  1. Two INCREDIBLE men such as these, in Trunks, that leave Little ( yah Right ) to fantacize about....And My Friends CAN"T understand why Wrestling does "IT" for me ???? OMG!!! Great Post !!