Sunday, June 1, 2014

Monday Muscle: The Phenomenal Ghent

Here's British wrestler The Phenomenal Ghent competing in a tag team match against the duo of Gangrel and Cannonball Grizzly. Who else thinks Ghent should ditch the camouflage shorts for a pair of Speedo-style trunks?


  1. I definitely agree about the speedo-type trunks. Ghent's camo-shorts were amusing at the start of his career, when he was projecting himself as a "soldier". He was in fact briefly in the British Army, though not in any distinguished regiment. Certainly not in the SAS. That gimmick has now lost its force. He has a great body, so he should flaunt it. (I would give the same advice to John Cena.)

  2. Agreed. He needs to discard that ugly outfit in favor of a more revealing look.

    However - we may be setting ourselves up for a let down. ... It appears that his upper torso may be more developed than his lower torso ( particularly his butt & calves ). That is an odd look for a man.

    Perhaps there is a reason for his choice of wrestling gear.

  3. His chest alone is worth overlooking the baggy shorts. Love those big juicy nips.

  4. If I were only focused on the pecs, I might agree ( though there is nothing remarkable about his nips ).

    However -

    I'm a fan of the whole package, the total look. His 'look' ain't doing it for me.

    To each his own :)

  5. If I was advising him I'd have him start a match with his current gear and then tear away to camo speedos later in a match. Best of both looks!