Friday, June 27, 2014

Flashback Friday : Beefcake Then, Beefcake Now?

Legends of the Ring held its 18th get-together on June 6th and professional photographer Scott Finkelstein was there to take pictures of over 40 wrestlers from the last 30 years. Let's check out some of their older photos and see what they look like today. Who do you think has aged well?
Nova Then

Simon Dean aka Nova Now
Arn Anderson Then

Arn Anderson Now

Hernandez Then

Hernandez Now

Nikita Koloff Then

Nikita Koloff Now

Rick Martell Then

Rick Martell Now

Buff Bagwell Then

Buff Bagwell Now


  1. Buff is still the Stuff!

  2. Of the group, I'd have to say that Hernandez and Bagwell appear to have aged the least.

    Actually, it looks like Bagwell hasn't aged at ALL! (I LOVE his sexy 'Bat-belt'. I guess his LUCKY 'Boy Wonder' snapped the picture. Ohhh to go 'spelunking' in Buffwell's tight, man-musky BAT CAVE!) :p

  3. Hernandez and Koloff. Not my favorites in their "prime", but looking good now.

  4. Buff bagwell is stiil got it he s hot for his age