Friday, June 13, 2014

Tye Me Up! Tye Me Down!

My good friend in Florida, David, emailed me a new set of photos he took of Shawn Spears, oh wait, no -- he now goes by the name Tye Dillinger -- in a recent NXT event. David says that Spears aka Dillinger "appears to be ageless. He's still got his boyish good lucks while working on his third wrestling persona." I agree, David. Thanks for these awesome shots. Looking forward to your next contribution.

Tye's tag team partner is Jason Jordan.

Jordan goes down.

Watching from the wings is Steven Walters. 


  1. Oh My God !!!!!!!

    Did you see those succulent, PHENOMENAL, prizewinning buttocks on that man ????

  2. Spears was a trainer and worked out often at my gym up here in Canada. There was no way not to stare at the man as he would strut around during his workouts. The only thing that would have been better is if he had been wearing those awesome butt-hugging trunks.

  3. What Anonymous said. Damn! Shawn--TYE--looks better than he ever has! And bonus Steven Walters? Too much hotness.

  4. What an ass he has. I'm so glad he's on NXT. Hope we see much more of him. Those trunks are a must to remain sprayed on to those great legs and ass.

  5. He looks remarkably like Jason Lee Miller of Elementary.