Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Big Big Brian

I was going to save these pics for a Muscle Monday post, but what the heck...
Brian Cage vs Mike Mondo
Maximum Force event in Miami, May 10, 2014
Continental Wrestling Federation

(All photos by Speedy)


  1. Wow!! This guy gets better & better all the time. Has Vince McMahon gotten his WWE hooks into him, yet??

    PS - Cage would be a great choice to play the Wolverine, if Hugh Jackman ever tires of the role.

  2. Brian Cage is now doing gay wrestling video guess who?
    BGeast i was surpries when i sow him they must pay really well.

    1. He wouldn't be the first one; independent wrestlers Alex Chamberlain and Chris Dickenson have also done some work for BG East.

  3. Unbelievable how massively muscular Cage has gotten. He makes Mondo look puny. Looking forward to seeing him crush the jobbers in bgeast.