Friday, June 20, 2014

Flashback Friday

My good friend David went through his personal archive of wrestling photos and found these gems he photographed a few years ago. They're of Brodus Clay (who was recently released by WWE along with these other guys) in matches against a pre-Fandango Johnny Curtis and Wes Brisco while they were all still in FCW (which eventually became NXT). David says he never saw Clay wrestle in WWE, but he was told that Clay was turned into some kind of "dancing clown." "I only know him from his FCW days," writes David, "where he was brought on to guarantee that the beefcake did not have a nice day." If you like images of hunky beefcake being destroyed by big, fat heels, then these are for you. Here's Clay doing damage to Johnny Curtis in match #1...

...and match #2.

Here he puts Wes Brisco through his paces in a cowbell match.

I wonder where we'll see Brodus Clay next.


  1. This seesm to prove one point: Johnny Curtis looked much better pre-Fandango. What a handsome man.

  2. I'd prefer to see hunky beefcakes destroyING big, fat heels. Much more fun, since said heels are usually so shocked.

  3. To each there own. Love seeing muscle model studs getting worked over good less ripped guys. Gonna have to look up these matches now!