Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Body Shots : Chillin' On The Ropes

Robbie E (Rob Eckos)

Beautiful Bobby Bluejay

Joey Ryan (Right)

Justice Matt Hannan

Seth Rollins (aka Tyler Black)

Ryan McQueen

Austin Aries

Adam Cole


  1. Who's the guy with his head on his knuckles? A most unusual position!

    Other interesting guys are Bluejay and Rollins. I can't decide about McQueen.

    1. That is 'T-Lo the Insano' laying down with head on his fists and his feet on the top rope.

      It might be an odd name, but he is a good wrestler.

  2. I'm sorry ... but the recent Cage vs Dickinson posts have taken me to another level. It's difficult for me come back to mediocrity.

    How can any other wrestler compare to the orgasmic deluge of cock, balls, ass, and attitude which flooded the Cage v Dickinson match ?

    I feel like Linda Lovelace in the closing scene of Deep Throat, when, after having been deflowered by a massively endowed man - she is condemned to hell by spending eternity in a room with an impotent, limp man.

    1. Correction ... the movie ending was, "The Devil in Miss Jones". Sorry, it's been a few years :)