Friday, December 19, 2014

Stocking Stuffer

Looking for a gift to give yourself this Christmas? You might want to treat yourself to a new video from Cameron Matthews ( See Brian Cage (wrestling here as Barry Burke) get Captured and Tortured by Austin Cooper in the first "match" (okay, technically, it's not really a match, but it does feature Brian Cage, so there).

In the second offering, Kharn Alexander (wrestling here as KARN) is  held at gunpoint (yes, there is a plot!)  by Brad Barnes before being forced to wrestle. Read more about this download offer by clicking here. So what do you think of Cameron Matthews's idea to have professional wrestlers job for adult video wrestlers?


  1. That last photo of Brian Cage ... has got to be one of the sexiest wrestling photographs that I have ever seen. ...


    1. The Hell with Cage, AUSTIN IS THE MAN!

    2. To Hell with Austin, RAMPAGE BROWN IS THE MAN !!!

  2. For any directors out there -

    Film the same kind of match, with a captive barely covered muscle stud, with one addition: give the bound beast a massive, uncontrollable hard-on. Let those skimpy tights outline a fistful of prize winning bull balls.

    I would rush headfirst to purchase such a video, and I wouldn't be alone.