Friday, December 26, 2014

Wrestling Day

In some parts of the world, the day after December 25, Christmas, is Boxing Day, a traditional holiday so called because that was when tradesmen and servants received gifts known as "Christmas Boxes" from their bosses or employers (see this Wikipedia entry to learn more about Boxing Day). How about we on Beefcakes of Wrestling have our own post-Christmas holiday called Wrestling Day (I know, I know...boxing refers to packages, not the sport)? With that, here are photos of two matches held in the UK recently. First up, the tag team of Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards in their Santa-like red tights.

Now here's Rampage Brown in all his hirsute glory. Happy Wrestling Day everyone! (All photos by Tony Knox)


  1. Rampage Brown is the sexiest wrestling beast stud-muffin on the planet. ...

    Davey Richards might be a bit higher on my list were it not for those hideous long pants.

  2. Wow Rampage Brown Is Rampage BEEF.The third photo looks like an after X-MAS sale everybody tired an fabric all over.

  3. I wouldn't call a sprinkling of hair, "hirsute". That's a stretch.

    Possibly to some eyes he's considered " hirsute ", because the standard among us is for young men who look like haven't reached puberty.

  4. Don't mind the long pants so much. They are form fitting, and the white stripe gives some nice emphases. In the spirit of the holiday, here is a link to a Davey Richards match with Bram, formerly Kenneth Cameron/Brandon T, under which latter name Bram appeared here 26 times.