Saturday, December 20, 2014

Mr. Nice Guy

So have you heard about this? A couple of days ago, Buzzfeed posted a story about a young independent wrestler who asked one of his die-hard fans, a girl with autism, to her junior prom. The wrestler's name is Ace Perry, a 20 year old relative newcomer who wrestles for Next Generation Wrestling in Indianapolis, IN. As per the Buzzfeed report, after his match with Jimmy Jacobs, Perry took the microphone and called out a girl in the audience. "Her name is Amanda, she has autism, and Ace considers her one of his biggest fans." Watch Ace pop the question to Amanda here and read the full Buzzfeed article here.

Watch Ace battle a huge heel here.


  1. I've got my eye on Ace Perry ... sexy young guy with the soft heart. Expecting great things from him!

  2. I saw that, thought it was sweet, and I agree with Anon 1.

    I truly admire the wrestlers who really care about their fans.