Wednesday, December 10, 2014

What Are You Wearing?

In one of this blog's recent posts, a reader made a comment regarding the polka-dotted ring gear of NXT newcomer Hugo Knox. "It trivialises him," said the reader. I have to say that I agree. What were the people in WWE/NXT's Creative Department thinking when they decided on this juvenile and somewhat feminine look for the muscular former soccer player?
Image Credit: David
The polka-dot look reminds me of that vintage comic book character Little Dot. What do you think of Knox's gear?
And while we're on the topic of ring gear, what do you think of these looks? First, the name/initials/logo- on-the-crotch look. Makes you look there, doesn't it? (Top to bottom: Mr. Atlantis, Robbie E/Rob Eckos, Joe Coleman, Ricky McKenzie, Mason Ryan/Barri Griffiths, Ryan Slade, Brian Cage)

Then there's the colorful or exotic look, as seen in The Big O's American flag gear and Randy Summers' (of the tag team Milk Chocolate) animal print briefs.

There's the "too small/too tight" look as seen on Nathan Cruz, Tyson Furia, some dude who probably goes by the name Maxer, and last but not least, Chris Dickinson.

Finally, there's the ring-gear-that-looks-like-underwear look. Or are these wrestlers really wearing underwear to their matches? (Top to bottom: Ashton Vuitton, T-Bone, Sexxxy Eddie). Which is your favourite look, and if you don't see it here, tell us what it is.


  1. Guys with great bodies should wear gear that shows off those great bodies. I agree that sometimes the gear chosen doesn't suit them. The polka dots are just awful. Ryan Slade's blue Maple Leaf and Sexxxy Eddie's very brief trunks don't suit them at all. On the other hand, Ashton Vuitton, Mason Ryan and Brian Cage look absolutely fantastic.

  2. Well ... regarding Hugo Knox ...

    He can easily change his ring gear in 5 minutes. He can try a different look every week if he wants. Sadly, he can't so easily remove or redesign all that ink.

    Regarding all those other fine, healthy, sexy, handsome specimens ... Yum, Yum, Yum ...

  3. Having just watched NXT you could add Adrian Neville to the list. He has a great body and wears brief, ass hugging briefs that look great.

  4. Thanks for the acknowledgment of my comment. I have no problem with most of the "tight" gear; in these days of spandex or whatever, there is no excuse for baggy trunks or singlet. OTOH, just as with the polka dots, the G-string style trunks are trivialising, and are really only worn by wrestlers doing a comic "stripper" or "ladies' man" gimmick. They, who usually have nicknames to match, also usually don't have the physiques to match. Few things worse than a paunchy wrestler in ultra-brief trunks.
    BTW, I've found a trove of Clay Moore pics, are you interested?

    1. Clay Moore? Yes, oh yes! :-)

    2. Well, if you can log into Facebook, go here:
      There's a Clay Moore album with 36 pics, and another album Chase Stevens vs Clay Moore that documents an October match.
      A number of other good, mostly Tennessee wrestlers there too.

  5. I don't think the gear itself is bad, it's just bad on Knox if that makes sense. Of course, those trunks immediately say "jobber" in my head lol but that isn't saying bad either.
    Personally I could do without the flashy crotch designs more often than not because to me it seems like the wrestling gear equivalent to the "lifted truck" assumption of over compensation. Not filling out those tights as much as you'd like? Slap a sequined figure 8 over your junk and be amazed lol.
    -Who is that Maxer guy?-

    I like skimpy gear as much as the next person, but sometimes it just doesn't work for whatever reason lol I think it's a pretty difficult task to balance the ring character, the wrestler's own appearance and the right gear to perfectly compliment each other.

    1. Sean Maxer, an Irish wrestler. A whole series of matches online with Fergal Devitt.

    2. Sorry, I goofed, Sean Maxer Brennan is well Youtubed, but I don't see any matches against Devitt. For some reason I confused him with Duncan Disorderly, another wrestler also worth a look.