Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Help Me Get Undressed

Jim from Chicago, a good friend of mine and one of this blog's longtime contributors, emailed this set of photos he took of young independent wrestler John Hudson last December 6th in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Jim attended Blizzard Brawl produced by Great Lakes Championship Wrestling. In the first and last few photos, we see Angel Armoni, Hudson's manager, helping him get undressed/dressed. Hmmm, pretty hot gimmick, don't you think? Hudson's opponent in this match was seasoned veteran Matt Longtime. Jim says the match ended when Longtime was distracted by Armoni and Hudson nailed him with a dropkick. Thanks for the pics, Jim! And thanks for bringing my attention to John Hudson.

While Armoni was helping Hudson into his t-shirt, Longtime attacked him.


  1. Great shots.This kid looks very hot.Hope to see more pics.Congratulations to Jim from Chicago on having us always amaze.

  2. Cute face ... nice shape ... nice tights ...

    ( choosing my words very carefully )

  3. Very hot? Hudson is one f**king beautiful man. He's perfect. Please let us see more of him; even all of him!