Friday, December 12, 2014

Remember This Guy?

It's Matt Sydal. I thought he had retired from pro wrestling after being fired by WWE, but he's been active in the independent scene all this time. Here he is in a match against A.J. Styles for JPWA held last November 15th. Styles won the match. (Photos by Scott Finkelstein)

Here are some older pics of Matt aka WWE's Evan Bourne.


  1. Always loved Evan Bourne - he has some great Cyberfight matches too

  2. Will someone please tell me why this very attractive man insists on being covered completely from the waist down ?

    Are his legs scarred? (or sacred?)

  3. Who could ever forget this guy? What a difference the little bit of scruff gives him. Still boyish but not as boy-wonderish. I definitely miss the clean-shaven look. I thought he might've added some muscle too, but I think that might be from the scruff too.

    I want to see what's beneath those tights as much as the next guy, Anon. I think those legs are definitely sacred with his high flying style. Most little energetic guys seem to like to keep those quads a mystery

  4. I'm not as curious about the quads. But I fondly remember two things about him; he flies like an eagle, and sells like Ziggler (or is it, Ziggler sells like him?).