Friday, February 6, 2015

A Rose By Any Other Name...

Aleksander Chekhov, Alexander Chamberlain, Lane Hartley...yup, they're all one and the same wrestler. When not making appearances in the independent circuit, Chamberlain picks up some extra cash by wrestling in videos for BG East and Cameron Matthews. His most recent output is Jobbers Need Love, Too, a 20 minute match for Wrestling as Lane Hartley, the young heel now sporting facial hair and looks like he's bulked up quite a bit.

Here's a retrospective of Lane/Aleksander/Alexander from his early days to the present.


  1. liked him better lean and mean with clean cut look.

  2. I agree Anonymous! My post was going to be: he needs to go back to being a lean, mean wrestling machine.

    That's the guy I enjoyed so much!

  3. Lane was absolutely ruthless in this match. Ethan Andrews came across as a little jerk and Lane certainly taught him a lesson. He total dominated and destroyed Ethan -just the way I like it. He looked absolutely sensational!! He's bulked up so he's now more muscular. Those legs and that ass have never looked better. I could watch him all day. His best demolition. Cameron Matthews is certainly giving us what we love to watch.

  4. Looks way better clean cut and without love handles. Could accept the hair, but I think "bulk" is a euphemism for fat.
    See one of his recent matches here:

    And a pic of him wrestling as Captain America: