Wednesday, February 11, 2015

It's A Ty!

Thanks to my good friend and longtime contributor to this blog David for sending me a batch of photos he took at a recent NXT event. David captured Ty Dillinger (formerly known as Shawn Spears in the indie circuit) in a match wherein he, as David puts it, "made an up-and-comer look good." Oh no, does that mean Ty is jobbing?

Here are some older photos of Ty/Shawn which previously appeared on this blog.


  1. The guy has it all, a shame how he is wasted by NXT/WWE.

    1. I agree..I think that they are doing the same with Devitt and the rest of the recent great wrestlers.

    2. It seems to me like Devitt is getting a lot of airtime, they're letting him do the superhero bodypainting he likes to do, and he's putting on great shows with people he wrestles. Are his talents really being wasted?

  2. I love how suggestive the middle pic (7th pic from the top and bottom) is:

    Ty is very photogenic and I love staring at these photos. Somehow, when I watch his matches, it doesn't do it for me though. But I do love thinking about this hot muscle stud being a jobber