Saturday, February 14, 2015


In the most recent instalment of Beefcakes In Action (a recurring series on this blog), there was this image of an unidentified wrestler in yellow that caught the attention of several beefcake aficionados. "Who is he?" they asked. Thanks to a few sharp-eyed readers of this blog, the mystery man has been identified. It's someone who has been featured on this blog only once (!) and his name is Mike Alias. The last time I saw anything about Alias was years ago and after all this time, I guess I can assume he has retired from the squared circle (or can someone prove me wrong).
You can read more about Alias in this Cagematch profile. And watch him in action here (the video was posted in 2013 so perhaps Alias was still wrestling then) and here (in his famous yellow trunks). Here are a few more images of the elusive Mike Alias.


  1. He's inactive. The last match was 11.14.2010. He had 70 matches beginning in 2007, and only won 23% of the time.

  2. One more match that pops up is here:

  3. Not be rude, but I just saw a vid on Clay Moore's fb page that says he's quitting wrestling.

    Should be a day of mourning.

  4. Curious, who is the opponent Mike Alias is mounted on in the picture where he's wearing yellow tights?