Friday, February 20, 2015

Brian/Barry Breaks Brad

How's that title for alliteration? ;-) Fans of Brian Cage may want to check out his newest video for Cameron Matthews's company. Titled "Barry Burke vs Brad Barnes", the 20 minute match is available here. See Brian (aka Barry Burke) bearhug, beatdown, and break Brad. Watch as Brad is twisted like a pretzel by the massive muscleman. As Cameron himself asks, "Is there anyone who suffers as well as Brad? (Besides myself.)"


  1. The two of them in the ring at the same time, I just can't believe my luck...So perfect.

  2. I'm not normally into the BG type wrestling, but I'm really loving Brad Barnes. He suffers wonderfully in this gifset, especially the second and third to last pics:

  3. Boffo blogpost Bruno!