Friday, February 13, 2015

It's Been Five Years Already?

February 14 marks the 5th anniversary of Beefcakes of Wrestling. Five years ago, I started this "blog" with just one picture, a photo I found of Anthony Bravado. It's been a lot of fun working on this blog and what makes it so worthwhile is receiving email ( and messages from people who enjoy what we do here. To commemorate our 5th Anniversary, here are some images that were posted in the first month of this blog five years ago. Some of these wrestlers have retired, some are still active. Is one of your favourites here?
Anthony Bravado

Sylvain Grenier

Rene Dupree

Mark Jindrak

Randy Orton

Daniel Rodimer

Chris Masters

Alex Koslov

Eddie Atlas


  1. What a great month of beginnings! Fantastic wrestlers, especially Bravado, Koslov, Masters, Rodimer, Jindrak, and Dupree.

    I didn't recognize Bravado, so looked him up on Cagematch. His last match was 12.17.2008, so he was already inactive. Of his 68 matches, 50 were in 2008. He won 60%. He ended with a victory over Lumpy Magoo (what a gimmick!).

    Also didn't recognize Dan Rodimer. His last match was 8.4.2007. Of his 72 matches, 54 were in 2007. His career was 34-37-1.

    Two guys with careers that were too short, like comets in the night.

  2. Congrats Bruno! This is an amazing blog and community you've nurtured. You've put together something really beautiful, memorable, and useful. And of course, you've got great taste in hot guys!!!

  3. Too bad something more didn't become of Daniel Rodimer.

  4. Congratulations on the anniversary!

    BTW, Bravado came from bodybuilding, and went back to it. His real name is Blair Mone. Rodimer was in one of the early "Tough Enough" WWE groups, I think, formerly Rodheimer?

  5. cool five years - well done and what hotties at the beginning. hard to beat dupree for cock size and grenier for beautiful tits

  6. Bruno, Hearty Congratulations for maintaining your blog for all this time. This is consistently one of the most interesting blogs out there on this subject and your work is highly appreciated. In a way, you are bringing a community together which has not had much of a voice before the internet. Keep up the good work! … Ray