Monday, February 23, 2015

Muscle Monday : Mason Ryan

Independent wrestler and former WWE/NXT superstar Mason Ryan is this Monday's muscle god. You all know what he looks like now...tan skin, long hair, beard.
But it's the "old" Mason Ryan who  wrestled as Barri Griffiths and Celtic Warrior in the UK, that's my favorite. Here are some photos of the Welsh strongman from a few years back.

Mason/Barri Griffiths used to tag team with Magnus/Nick Aldis in the UK.


  1. The team of Griffiths/Aldis has to be one of the hottest ever!

  2. Agree with both of you. Beard is fine, but the long hair gets in the way----it covers up the amazing shoulders.

  3. Love his current look. MISS HIM!!!

  4. Now that Brian Cage has made the rounds - BG East / Thunders Arena / CameronWrestler - I think it's Mason Ryan's turn. Just imagine him working over TAK or Z-Man!!

    1. Sweet God yes. Ryan vs. Cage, even. (One of them would HAVE to lose...!)

  5. Why did NXT ever let him go? They make really dumb decisions sometimes.