Monday, September 28, 2015

Hammer Time

Here's Alexander Hammerstone in a recent match against "The Gentlemen Brawler" Eric Right from West Coast Wrestling Connection's September 12th broadcast. Two things. First, Hammerstone is looking very ripped these days. If you look at some of his earliest photos and compare his physique then to his physique now, I think you'd be quite impressed, too. Second, Eric Right. What's with the "old-timey" wrestler look that we've been seeing on wrestlers like UK's Tyler Bate and WWE's The Vaudevillians? Does anyone have any theories as to why this micro-trend in wrestling is popular? Anyway, you can watch Hammerstone vs Right by clicking here

P.S. There's also a match between Ashton Vuitton and Dan Joseph in the same video.


  1. I don't know about the old-timey thing, but if it's replacing the earlier trend toward the Grizzly Adams beard thing, I'm in favor. Has Matt Cross shaved yet?!

  2. For those who have DirecTv, Hammerstone appears on Paragon Pro Wrestling on Pop TV (ch. 273) at 3am Saturday morning PDT.

  3. I like the old-timey look, but I'm weird. I have a weakness for waxed and curled mustaches.