Sunday, September 27, 2015

Muscle Monday : Hugo Knox

A very good friend of this blog/long-time contributor David emailed a set of new photos featuring Hugo Knox, a former British pro football player (or soccer if that's what you prefer) turned pro wrestler for NXT in the USA. Knox was sidelined for months due to an injury, but is back in action. Also back, his polka dot ring gear. Thanks for these amazing shots, David!

Bonus Pic. David also included this shot of Finn Balor (formerly known as Fergal "Prince" Devitt) "in some crazy action." I also see Dash Wilder  (formerly known as Steven Walters) in that beefcake pile-up.


  1. Okay, I appreciate Knox so much that I can live with the trunks, the dots are small, but the kneepads are overkill. Go with all-white!
    Any videos out there yet of him wrestling?

  2. Love Samoa Joe's cheeky smile in that bonus pic. That's a hot pic of Devitt laying with all that muscle. I would pay him get gangbanged by all those guys there XD

  3. Oh yeah and props to Knox for wearing polka dots. Unique for sure. I suppose maybe it takes a bit away from his masculinity, but I enjoyed seeing his butt cheek pop out in that 4th to last pic (not counting the last bonus pic)

  4. What's with the polka dot negativity? I rather like them. They're certainly original. And they don't detract from his machismo! It'd take more than creative gear to do that.