Sunday, September 13, 2015

Muscle Monday : Brian Cage

No introduction needed.

What do you think of Cage's new mohawk hairstyle?


  1. Not too keen on it, but t is a lemonade from lemons thing. He lost a hair vs hair match with "El Patron."

  2. I don't mind the mohawk but I don't like his overly ripped physique in those last pictures. I prefer him a little thicker and beefier like in the wrestling pics at the top. Also if anyone has a link to the video of that match please provide.

    1. The one pictured above is against Tyler Bateman:

      I prefer the leaner version, mainly because the protruding, yet ripped, stomach is odd-looking, and at the very least, bad posture.

  3. Yeah I agree with other above. It's funny how a ripped more bodybuilder looks more fake somehow and not as sensual. Not a fan of alternative hair or beard cuts (just have a smooth baby face already!). I suppose the mohawk is barely noticeable so it looks like he just has short hair. I prefer slightly longer hair on him

  4. To be honest, I actually like this new look. It greatly fits his ever growing physique, in my opinion. Although, I do prefer his beefier physique, too. And speaking from a female's point of view, I won't mind if you post more of his recent pics, haha. :D