Monday, September 21, 2015

Muscle Monday : Five Years Ago This Month

Here are the musclemen who were featured in this blog back in September 2010. First up is Jason Static.

Here's UK wrestler bodybuilder Rob Terry, now appearing in TNA as The Freak.

And last but certainly not least, here's Tookie Tucker. Which one of the three is your favorite?


  1. Tookie has a really sexy bod, sexier than the other two despite the others being more ripped

  2. Those were the days! One occasionally sees Jason wrestling these days, at least on Youtube. Tucker had a very low Internet profile as the "Wrestling Trucker," but he really let himself go. Fortunately he then wrestled with his shirt on.
    I thought Rob Terry quit wrestling. Does he still do shows?

  3. If it starts to rain, I will take shelter under Rob Terry's pecs.

  4. Rob Terry.

    Match Event type
    1 01.05.2015. GWP World Title: Absolute Andy (c) defeats Rob Terry. GWP Focus On Optimum III @ Markgrafensaal in Schwabach, Bayern, Deutschland