Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Sinster X vs. Funky White Boy

A good friend of this blog who is also one of its longtime contributors, Jim from Chicago, is back with a new set of awesome photos. Jim says that he traveled to the East Coast late last month and attended a show put up by independent promotion 1CW First State Championship. The photos below are from a match between two big, thickly-muscled wrestlers : Sinister X (wearing black trunks) and Funky White Boy (wearing white square-cuts). "It was about a twenty minute match," writes Jim, "with the more mature Sinister X dominating the younger blonde boy. Sinister won the match and retained his belt much to the chagrin and boos of the crowd." I have to admit that I've never heard of either Sinister X or Funky White Boy, but now I want to see more of them. Thanks for these great pics, Jim, and welcome back!


  1. Never heard of either but am very glad to now know of two more really hot studs! FWB is quite a doll and SinX got a really interesting nose injury

  2. Haven't noticed an online match from Sinister X in quite a while, but Funky wrestles at the Monster Factory shows regularly, a recent match is here in this show: