Sunday, September 6, 2015

Muscle Monday : Hugo Knox

He's baaaack! Hugo Knox, the former British football (or soccer if that's what you prefer) player turned wrestler is returning to the ring after his recent injuries. Of course there's no better way to announce this than by stepping into the ring shirtless so the fans can see that he's still in tip-top shape. These photos were taken by longtime contributor to this blog David who gets to see all of NXT's prime beefcakes in the flesh.

As for whether Knox will wrestle in his signature polka dot trunks, "no word whether those will be returning as well," says David. See file photos below.
And here's the story on his injury/surgery : Hugo Knox Undergoes Surgery.


  1. Wonderful photos, David Good job, bruno!

    He's a BULL!

  2. Another Image from his FB:

  3. Well, I hope that he does not "do a Cena" and start wrestling in silly long shorts. He's too bloody good- looking to cover up. There is a case for something jmkore macho than polka-dot briefs, however. Very brief, black trunks like Orton or Alex Riley would look great on him.

    1. Agreed. We need bulge on this guy. Cena's stint in briefs was too short: