Saturday, September 26, 2015

Meme of the Week

Finn Balor (Fergal "Prince" Devitt) flies a little too high.


  1. Wow, was this an actual NXT show? Btw, I want in on whatever action is happening below. Who are those guys??

    1. A good friend of this blog, David, was at this show and according to him, the wrestler who hit the ceiling is none other than the high-flying Finn Balor (Prince Devitt). The bonus photo of Finn in the Muscle Monday : Hugo Knox post is from the same match.

    2. Very interesting. Knowing that I had to do a double take on the man above haha. Very curious what exactly happened.

      Also still can't tell who the bottom guys are comparing the two pics. Everyone has black knee pads in both photos. Though now I'm guessing the guy in red is Steven Walters as he has a side tattoo. Am guessing Samoa Joe is out of the picture in this and the bottom guy is the bald bearded guy