Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Five-Way Selfie Showdown

Time for more selfies. I think I understand why some of these beefcake wrestlers love to take and post selfies (many of them during or after a workout). They work hard on their physiques, they hit the gym almost everyday, their workouts are gruelling. A selfie is validation for all their hard work. It's almost like they're telling us, "I worked damn hard to look this way and I want the world to know/see it." Well, that's my theory anyway. Share your thoughts with us in the Comments section below. So here are five beefcake wrestlers who want you to see how "swole" they look during or after their workouts. Who do you think wins this showdown? (The playing field may not be even -- some of them have their workout gear on while others are shirtless -- nevertheless, you can still pick a favorite.)
NXT's Radomir Petkovic

Jessie Godderz

Daniel Pruehs 

Hotshot Danny Duggan

Chris Dickinson


  1. Radomir was the hottest for me right off the bat. Man he is a handsome stud

    The most "swole" probably goes to Radomir, Godderz or Pruehs. Hard to tell without side-by-side shirtless pics haha

    1. Agree. Pruehs's inclusion is not really fair, though, since he stopped wrestling and is doing bodybuilding fulltime.
      I think they take them to document progress and to show themselves off to their fellow wrestlers/training partners, etc.; Wrestlers, fitness/physique/bobybuilding guys all seem to take & post selfies regularly. Anon.

  2. has to be chris dickinson, i want to ride his cock now