Monday, March 21, 2016

Les Gladiateurs (Part 1)

Or The Gladiators, which is the title of the collection of these match photos taken last month by Beaury Mathiey featuring French wrestler Tristan Archer vs. Brian McCarthy (no info on him yet other than he's on the roster of French promotion FFCP). This looks like an exciting bout, but from what little I can see of the venue, there are only a handful of people in the audience. That's sad seeing how these two put up a fierce battle that undoubtedly thrilled their most loyal fans. There are lots of great images in this collection, so I divided them into two sets. I'll post the next batch of pics tomorrow.


  1. Brian McCarthy is so hot. Tristan Archer is always handsome as usual

  2. I was so happy when I saw Archer in the title. Then I scrolled down and saw McCarthy and got wood. What I'd give see to Tristan spread his legs to this guy under the sheets

    1. Yasss! What a delightful St. Patrick's Day gift!

  3. I agree! Though wasn't St. Patty's Day last week?

  4. Yeah, he is a cool guy. Great match of his against Dijak available on Youtube in which he toys with being the heel. He repeatedly bitchslaps Dijak. Sweet!

  5. Yes! Love the beginning where Dijak gets to slap him around too!