Friday, March 25, 2016


It's no surprise that many wrestlers become actors -- Dwayne Johnson, John Cena, Bill Goldberg, The Big Show, just to name a few -- because professional wrestling, and I say this with all due respect, is acting. One wrestler I wasn't expecting to add "actor" to his resume is Marco Corleone who is perhaps better known to us as former WWE Superstar Mark Jindrak. Jindrak/Corleone moved to Mexico several years ago and became not just one of that country's top lucha stars, but a bona fide celebrity as well. Just last week, I wrapped dubbing work on a 177-episode Mexican telenovela called Mi Corazon Es Tuyo (My Heart Is Yours) which featured Corleone in a small but recurring role. Although I was not the voice actor who dubbed him (he speaks Spanish very well, but his American accent is still quite heavy), I did dub the actor who was in every scene with him so I got the chance to watch Corleone as an actor. My verdict: he has the whole "tough guy" act down pat, but his lighter, funnier side needs work. Still, he is quite an imposing figure to watch and apparently, the fans love him because he's appeared in at least a couple of other telenovelas. (Aside from the wrestlers mentioned above, tell us which other wrestlers you've seen in movies/television shows?)
With the cast of Mi Corazon Es Tuyo

Oops! Corleone gets exposed.

With Thunder and Dark Angel
With his wife and luchadores Atlantic and Volador 


  1. Super awesome post Bruno! You should've been the one to do his voice. I'm sure you could dub Jindrak/Corleone or any other wrestler as you of all people understand the tough masculine men these guys often portray (if the part is good).

    Wow Mark/Marco has really big long legs doesn't he?

  2. Aside from those you mentioned, Batista hit it big as part of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. Classically, there's Andre the Giant in the Princess Bride. I'm going to reference your post on Josh Daniels since it was here I learned he turned heel and left wrestling for acting.

    I loved the Rock in the Fast and the Furious movies and Cena's been killing it in comedies I hear lately, especially with that towel on hardon scene. What's Goldberg and the Big Show been on?

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  4. (I deleted my previous comment because I edited some things. Here's what I originally posted:

    Goldberg was in the remake of The Longest Yard along with Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Great Khali and Kevin Nash. He was also in this low budget horror film that went straight to video, Santa's Slay, where he played a murderous Santa Claus (yes, you read that right). First movie I saw him in was Universal Soldier.

    Speaking of Kevin Nash, he's been in quite a few movies: Magic Mike, Magic Mike XXL, Rock Of Ages.

    While channel-surfing one day, I came across a comedy called Knucklehead starring Big Show (aka Paul Wight).

    Other wrestlers in movies I've seen:
    Triple H in Blade 3.
    Hulk Hogan in Rocky 3.
    Chris Jericho, Kane, MVP, Mark Henry in MacGruber.
    Nathan Jones in Mad Max: Fury Road name a few.

  5. Does Vladimir Kozlov appearing in an episode of The Wire count?

  6. I'm so curious when Vladimir Kozlov appears now in the Wire. The second season was pretty great.

    Didn't know Nathan Jones was in Mad Max. Wish he'd more success. He was really big and hot and even had the Undertaker's backing.

    Ah, I knew I was forgetting Kevin Nash. Though I didn't realize he was in the original Magic Mike even though I saw that live. I couldn't get far in XXL watching it alone though.

    I vaguely remember The Longest Yard and thus I'd forgotten all the wrestlers in it.

    Interesting note, I just read Mark Jindrak was supposed to be part of Evolution as the enforcer role Batista had. Can't help but wonder if Jindrak would be more prominent if that had happened (maybe he would've been Drax in Guardians)

  7. Nathan Jones also played the Trojan champion killed by Achilles (Brad Pitt) in "Troy", and in at least one kung fu movie as bad guy;
    Ted Dibiase, Jr. was in "The Marine 2."

  8. Mark has a co-starring role in many of my dreams and fantasies.

    Lol, The Wire is about the last thing I ever expected to be talked about on this blog. Didn't know that Kozlov was an extra!

  9. On second glance, Thunder is a very hot wrestler! His body to me is hotter than Jindrak's

    Haha yes, Mark is a star of my fantasies ... good one.

    If we're including WWE movies, you'll have to include the Miz for The Marines 3 & 4. Speaking of the Miz he first got some exposure as part of the MTV show the Real World, which is where I first got to see him, since we're talking about non-wrestling TV

    1. I didn't create the parameters, but I am assuming were are talking about the shows/movies in which the wrestlers don't play themselves, but we can include shows where they play the character of a wrestler.
      In that case, "The Miz" was just played a wrestlerin an episode of "Supernatural."
      I guess we don't include Jessie Godderz on Big Brother 99 and over. Anon.

  10. We can come up with a sub-category of Wrestlers playing Wrestlers in movies;
    Terry Funk in Paradise Alley
    Randy Savage in Spiderman

    And then there's the sub-category where wrestlers play themselves in movies:
    Diamond Dallas Page and Bill Goldberg in Ready To Rumble
    A whole bunch of wrestlers in the The Wrestler

    Oh and back to wrestlers acting in could I forget the late Roddy Piper in They Live?

  11. How could y'all forget Hulk Hogan in the cinematic atrocity called "Mr. Nanny?"

    I'm sure the paycheck was pretty but not as pretty as the amount he recently won against Gawker.

  12. I remember CM Punk making fun of another wrestler and himself for making a direct-to-video movie. Edge and Christian also have been in a couple of movies

  13. I don't think it's the same wrestler as in that last pic, but I recently saw a hot post with Volador Jr:

    Is Volador his father?