Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Five Years Ago This Month (Part 1)

As the month draws to a close, how about we look back at some of the beefcake wrestlers who were featured on this blog back in March 2011? Here are the first ten in alphabetical order (by first name). The next ten will be featured here tomorrow. Let us know who your favorites are in the Comments section below.
Brett Idol (aka Brett Barnes)

Chris Masters

Claudio Castagnoli (aka WWE's Antonio Cesaro)

Damian Slater

Eric Escobar

Jason Hades

Jo Atlas

Johnny Moss

Johnny Curtis (aka WWE's Fandango)

Brandon T (aka TNA's Bram)


  1. Johnny Curtis - as he was then - gets my vote. Not just a good wrestler and handsome to boot, but a really beautiful man.

    1. Wow, Johnny Curtis really is much hotter than Fandango. Such shame

  2. My vote goes to the Golden Boy Damian Slater!

  3. From the top, ## 1 6 9 & 10 -- and now my glasses have fogged over. Thanks, Bruno

  4. Chris Masters in his prime

  5. Johnny Moss! And each year he just gets better! Anon.