Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Five Years Ago This Month (Part 2)

Here are ten more beefcake wrestlers who were featured on this blog back in March 2011. Got a favorite or two? Let us know who he/they are in the Comments section at the bottom of this post.
Lane Vasser

Mason Ryan (aka Barri Griffiths)

Matt Steele

Mike Bennett

Mike Mondo

Phenomenal Ghent

Rene Dupree

Rocky Menero

Romeo Roselli

Shawn Daivari


  1. Anyone knows if Matt Steele still wrestling?

  2. There are no matches of his for several years. He was wrestling while he was in college, so my guess is that he graduated and moved on. Anon.

  3. This is the first I'm seeing of Lane Vasser. Only a few poor quality vids of him on YouTube. I guess I missed the boat on that one.

    Mondo and Dupree look good here, though I was always more of a Sylvain fan.

    1. Click on Lane Vasser in the Labels column to see all posts on him.

    2. Great suggestion Bruno, though I must say your Labels are getting really crazy. You've got repeated tags (Dickinson and Dickenson), labels like "action shots" and "bald" that don't seem to get used anymore, and labels that I think are just mistakes ("D"). With so many labels, maybe a tag cloud would be better. I'd be happy to try and clean up your tags too.

    3. Lane came into wrestling from college football, but didn't last too long. He did appear on a number of the NWA Anarchy programs that were on Youtube, so individual matches wouldn't be found in a regular video search. Anon.

    4. I apologize for the crazy labels. Sometimes I'm careless and misspell a name or get confused (sexy kev and sexy peter white, for example). Sometimes I forget to tag the whole name (there's a Mike in the Labels column; yup, just Mike). With Chris Dickinson, I remember seeing his name spelled two ways back in the day, and I decided to go with Dickenson. Boy was I wrong (hence Chris Dickinson and Chris Dickenson).

      As for Labels like Action or Picture of the Week, in the early days of this blog, I thought I could make it easier for readers to find old entries based on subject matter, but I eventually decided that since this is a blog about Beefcakes, I should just stick to the names of the Beefcakes.

      I've been meaning to go through the Labels and clean them up, so to speak, but I barely have time to post an entry everyday, much less edit names from six years worth of posts. I hope you guys can just live with it. Sorry again.

  4. WOW! I cannot possibly choose -- such iCandy, my bifocals finally melted from the heat. Again, thanks, Bruno.

  5. Too bad about Lane Vasser, JM. I'm too lazy to verify, but I trust your research. He caught my eye right away (good choice for first pic).

    I wonder how recent that Rene Dupree pic was. He was in a hot match with a smaller Asian guy and it was a hot match (especially since he totally jobbed to this smaller guy), but Rene looked bloated in a "steroid gone wrong" sort of way. He looks good (maybe younger?) here