Thursday, November 3, 2016

Body Shots : The Belt

Jake Something

Chris Tyler

Eddie Smooth

Katsuyori Shibata

Kenny Omega


Yujiro Kushida

Jorge Santi

Elliot Sexton

Drew Parker


  1. Jorge Santi gets points for almost looking like he's wearing nothing BUT the belt. Maybe that should be a requirement for a pose wearing nothing but the belt...

  2. For probably the same reason as Anonymous 7:04 AM, I reach a different conclusion--please don't obscure interesting landscape by covering it with a belt or anything else except for a pair of minimal trunks. So even though they cover themselves with stuff, my choices are Drew Parker and Chris Tyler. Both seem to me to have a natural endowment of muscle with not much effort spent in a gym to improve on Providence's gifts. Maybe Parker has worked to develop prominent pecs, but he seems not to have cared much for arm-work. Tyler looks to me as if he has never seen the inside of a gym--and that's meant as a compliment--natural beauty, etc. I would much prefer that the wrist- and upper arm-lets were removed. In either case I'd enjoy a fall pairing Drew or Chris off with, say, the likes of a Scott Norton, with the understanding that the match must last at least 5 full minutes and be over in no more than 7. Thus would I be sated and, at the same time, free from heart failure--probably. TT