Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Tuesdays With Two Tylers

Yes, we've got two Tylers for you today. First, it's Tyler Tirva (6' 2", 221 lbs.) from Woodstock, Ontario. In September, Tirva announced the he would not be out of action for the rest of 2016 due to surgery to repair a broken wrist. The operation went well and he's currently on the road to recovery.

And our second Tyler for today is a newcomer to Beefcakes of Wrestling. Meet beefy Tyler Gaines, an independent wrestler from Charlotte, North Carolina. You can watch him in action here and here.


  1. Tirva, OK, save for his excessive homage to Narcissus, god of tatts; Gaines, OK all the way. New USDA Prime beef of his quality is what I have come to expect of BCoW and which Bruno always supplies. "Hail, Bruno! Hail yeah," as a NC boy might say. TT

  2. Tyler Gaines is one of my current favorites, glad to see him recognized here! His matches are easy to find in a Youtube search, so I won't add any. The two you gave links to are pretty terrific. Anon.