Friday, November 18, 2016

Truth Or Dar

No, that's not a typo in the headline. This is a post on 21 year old British wrestler Noam Dar whom it now seems has been drafted to WWE franchise NXT. Longtime contributor to this blog David took these awesome set of photos while at a recent NXT show in Florida. Dar's opponent in this match is jobber-turned-heel Steve Cutler, now sporting a thick beard and some menacing tattoos. What do you think of Dar's move to NXT? Do you think he can cut it in the USA?


  1. Noam Dar and Davey Richards, the two sweatiest wrestlers in the biz

    1. LL: I misread your post to say "sweetest." My bad!

      Bruno: Yes, Noam Dar will be fine in the US, though how well he will be served by WWE & NXT is open to question. He has been a mini-heel as well as the bearer of much pain. He has bulked up rather well, and as long as NXT doesn't cast him as a really rough character, I will continue to enjoy following him.

  2. Noam Dar has performed very well in NXT. He has a bright future. Well built, good skills and charismatic.
    I am also a fan of Steve Cutler. He has good skills and the makings of a good heel. Not sure about the beard. Given the right training and some opportunities he also has a bright future.