Saturday, November 5, 2016

Lollipop Boy

A big thank you goes out to longtime contributor and good friend of this blog, Jim from Chicago, for sharing these photos of Joey Ryan which he took at a Next Generation show held in Newport, Tennessee last October 16th. Jim says that halfway through the entertaining match, Joey pulled a Tootsie Pop out of his trunks and stuck it in opponent Lenny Stratton's mouth. Stratton's female valet distracted Joey when she yanked the pop from him and that's when Stratton pulled down Joey's trunks to reveal a Calvin Klein thong. Joey finished the rest of the match with his butt exposed and won. Thanks for the cool pics, Jim! And congratulations to your city's baseball team, The Chicago Cubs, for winning The World Series after a 108 year dry spell.

Joey repeated the thong-reveal gimmick in last week's Lucha Va Voom burlesque-and-wrestling show held in Los Angeles. Oh, and two weeks from now, Joey is marrying his longtime girlfriend Laura. Congratulations, Mr. Ryan!

Can anyone identify Joey's tag team opponents in the flesh-colored trunks?


  1. his tag partner is peter avalon aka norv fernum

  2. Dirty Sanchez and Ryan Taylor.