Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Welcome Back, Warren!

I thought British wrestler Warren Brady, like sometime tag team partner Leon Shah, had retired from pro wrestling, but boy, am I glad he didn't. YouTuber Beaury Matthieu uploaded a match just six days ago featuring Brady in tag team action with his partner Nathan MacKenzie vs the duo of UK Kid and Rob Holte. Brady has been missing in action from this blog for many months now, so it's good to see him back. Watch the action here (warning: shaky camera work).



  1. Good news about Brady -- he's excellent in the ring as well as high on the hotness scale. Miss seeing Leon Shah, though. He was among the hottest of the hot for me. Do you know what he's doing these days?

  2. I noticed, though, that the description says the match is from November 2015. Not to burst the bubble, his Twitter page seems to indicate that he is still wrestling, probably with Varsity Pro Wrestling promotion:

    So many of these matches are simply not released to Youtube or similar free vid providers, making it seem as if the wrestlers have retired or disappeared. Anon.
    Leon Shah appears to work as a trainer and gym manager (owner?).

  3. Yum, he's super hot. Miss Shah too!

  4. Fuck, I just watched this match earlier today. Warren Brady suffers beautifully in his skimpy bright orange trunks. The erotic factor is double with the two-on-one beatdown and topping it off with that outside rope strangulation in the corner.