Monday, November 28, 2016

Muscle Monday : Clayton Gainz

Making his first appearance here on Beefcakes of Wrestling is 23 year old independent wrestler Clayton Gainz. Gains made his in-ring debut in 2015 as Clayton Jackson. The 5'10", 213 pound native of Lima, Ohio has been affiliated with Rock Star Wrestling, Northwest Ohio Wrestling, Vicious Outcast Wrestling, International Wrestling Cartel, and a couple of other independent promotions. He and Darin Dinero currently wrestle as a tag team called The Bro Warriors. Click here to watch him in singles action from 2015. You can watch highlights of The Bro Warriors' matches on Rockstar Wrestling's You Tube Channel.

Watch Gainz and tag team partner Darin Dinero cut a promo
for Rockstar Wrestling here.


  1. Thanks, Bruno, for another "discovery." Foto # 1 suggests hope for Gainz's future in spite of the boring trunks, trite pose, and the foto's post processing. Foto # 8 suggests that Jackson's trunks contain definite "assets." # 9 without the tee shirt might be a real winner. More, please.

  2. Ah yes, I have seen this guy in association with Dinero ... I thought it was a matter of time before he would show up here… Good job Bruno!

  3. Yum, this guy's pretty hot too. Love the suspenders. Showin off that hot bod.