Monday, November 7, 2016

Muscle Monday : Flex

Here's aptly-named UK wrestler Flex in posed shots...

 ...and in action at a recent Kamikaze Pro show.


  1. He's alright. I prefer Damian Dunne, his opponent in the last 3 pics.

  2. I, too, like Damian Dunne as well as his brother Pete.

    As for Flex's pix:

    ## 1 & 2: one seems to be twirled about the vertical axis 180 deg or modified in software. No big whup!

    ## 5 & 7: ruined by tatts which look like they were designed by Jackson Pollock or they were the result of heaping hot coals onto Flex's upper torso. BIG WHUP, but too late.

    ## 6 & 8: the clear winners for my vote -- what a miraculous hindquarters Flex has, though cropping and enlarging # 8 might be a help for the full benefit of the flex-fanny.

    Glad to see Flex getting US attention.

    Under 3 hours to go, and we will have the first returns from Crawford Notch NH. Jitters!