Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Big And Small (Followers' Contributions)

Talk about opposites, these two very differently built pro wrestlers were brought to my attention by a couple of this blog's followers. First off is the huge Mexican luchador Gronda. Yes, he's the bodybuilder/wrestler who wears a bizarre devil mask in the ring and sometimes outlines every muscle of his body with a dark marker. There isn't much I know about Gronda; is he even still wrestling these days? Thanks to James for emailing me a screencap and the link to Gronda's debut. Watch Gronda here.

Gronda and El Elegido

Gronda unmasked.

Watch Gronda's debut here.

Next up is a contribution from Nubndigger who emailed me these pics and some links to the matches of Japanese wrestler Shinobu Sugawara.
Fit, ripped, and lean Shinobu wrestles for indie fed VFK Wrestle Naniwa. You can watch him in action here. Thanks to James and Nubndigger for tipping us off to these guys.


  1. Yea, Gronda unmasked! Now why can't we find a picture of Elegido unmasked?

  2. Shinobu is one fine, handsome, sexy, wrestling stud!