Monday, April 18, 2011

Mystery Man

Here's another wrestler I haven't been able to identify. He wrestles for the Canadian independent organization Maximum Pro Wrestling; I checked their website but couldn't find him in the roster. Does anyone know who he is? (Photos by Mrs. Id) UPDATE: Joe of the blog Ringside At Skull Island wrote below that our mystery man is Tyler Tirva. Thanks, Joe. (Looking at these pictures, I feel a bit sorry for the men who have to wrestle outdoors on what looks like a cold, wet day. And for what? The applause of a measly audience? They must really love what they do, don't they?)


  1. Of course it had to be Joe of the blog Ringside At Skull Island who knows! Thanks, Joe.

  2. Good lookin guy hope we see more of him. Yes you are right you must love what you do to do it outside on a cold wet day.