Friday, April 29, 2011

Tom Zenk In Black-And-White

He may have retired from pro wrestling years ago, but 80s/90s wrestling icon Tom Zenk is on many a "Hottest Wrestlers Of All Time" list. Here's why.

Zenk (extreme left) and hot tag team partners.


  1. Tommy Zenk was my "FIRST" wrestling CRUSH! Lusting after this wrestler's sizzlingly HOT bod opened up a sort of 'Pandora's Box' within me. He'll ALWAYS evoke a warm, fuzzy feeling in my heart was well as a pleasing tingle in my 'nads'. He's the MAYOR of "JOBBER CITY". I'd ALWAYS loved watching him writhe, squirm, and roll about on the ring floor. He REALLY got into spreading his legs WIDELY apart and giving his adoring audiences unobstructed, generous opportunities to inspect his bulging genitals and delightfully squeezable 'glutes'. He was always the perfect male specimen! Were he ever to have been abducted by a spaceship of curious, SUPER horny, man-hungry aliens, I'd imagine that getting their "hands" on Z-Man would've been kind of like starving men digging into a big slice of Cherry Cheesecake; there'd be cherries 'popping' EVERYWHERE! Alien digits would've ravenously dug into that intoxicatingly delicious Z-MAN CHERRY CAKE! There'd have been all SORTS of sticky, gooey 'digits' getting licked too - Zenk's along with the aliens' own. Sexually spurred-on tongue action would've most certainly begun to elevate the aliens' arousal level escalating the licking onto the more invasive, more satisfying, cavity-probing level. (OUCH! Those alien tongues feel just like a cat's!) By now, Tom's stretchy, bulging, sweat-soaked trunks would've been SO tossed onto the spaceship's floor, laying there in a shredded, spandex heap just beneath the observation table. Moaning, writhing, naked Zenk would've become their all time, prized MANBITCH! Just imagine how FRICKIN' AWESOME it would've been had a DVD been produced which showed the abduction and subsequent sexual molestation of Z-Man...WOW! Now THAT would've been a nice, homoerotic twist on Speilberg's "CLOSE ENCOUNTERS" film. The 'line-up' for drooling, WILLING ABDUCTEES would never stop growing!

  2. How old were you, Mike, when you were jacking off over Tom Zenk?