Sunday, April 17, 2011

"Kreuzzug" For A Bruising

In the WXW event called Kreuzzeg ZXI held in Philadelphia, PA on April 9, 2011, the tag team of Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly faced Marty Schull and Zack Sabre, Jr. The movie star-handsome Cole and his partner took the match. (Photos by Scott Finkelstein)
Adam Cole

Marty Schull

Nice Move!


  1. Ring of Honor seems to put Cole in tag matches where they are the bland good guys. CZW Wrestling puts him solo in the cocky-heel role where he has his female valet and he walks out with his t-shirt elevated to show his 6-pack and then in the ring he does pelvic thrusts and humps with his big boobed valet. Some Asian chick. Guess which gimmick I think is better.