Friday, April 15, 2011

"These Guys Have Got The Builds For It..."

Watch this promo from 1988 here.
Ricky Rice (L) and Tom Zenk (R)

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  1. Oh do I remember them. Good times. I remember probably seeing Ricky Rice for the first time, on AWA in a tag match. White speedos. He spent most of the match outside the ring in his corner with his arm stretched out waiting to be tagged in. And leaning forward with his ass sticking out and the director had to be gay because did the camera linger there. For a LONG time, and repeatedly.

    When Ricky became more popular they always teamed him with someone and put them in those horrible "rockers" clothes. Once he teamed with "John Paul" and the Ricky Rice/John Paul tag team has to be an all time favorite for internet gay wrestling fans. What could have been if unfortunately it wasn't those stupid rocker outfits and by that time they were actually winning their matches and just going up against fat old jobbers.