Saturday, April 2, 2011

Brady and Scotty

One of this blog's followers, R.H., e-mailed me with a heads up on a little-known but hot indie wrestler named Scotty Putty. While doing some research on Scotty, I came across a trailer for a film he and another indie wrestler, Brady Roberts, starred in. Called "Flex On The Beach," the film is "...a mockumentary about small time independent pro wrestlers Scotty Putty and Brady Roberts, collectively known as the tag team Flex on the Beach. Even though they are often called the worst tag team of all time, Putty and Brady are convinced they are going to sign a contract with a major pro wrestling company. In the meantime, they are working regular jobs at the gym and the comic book shop to pay the bills- but when those fall apart, what do two pro wrestlers with no other skills do? Watch as the boys hilariously battle against the egos of the independent wrestling scene, the pressures to get signed to a major deal, and the characters and women along the way."* You can view the trailer here. Watch Scott vs. Brady here. (More on Scotty later.)
Brady Roberts

Scotty Putty

Brady & Scotty in "Flex On The Beach"

Scotty in "Flex On The Beach"

Brady in "Flex On The Beach"

Scotty and Brady

*(See where Flex On The Beach is playing here.)

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