Thursday, May 9, 2013

Body Shots

Here's a big bunch of Beefcake Body Shots for you. I hope you're not tired of seeing images like these here. :-)
Leon Shah

Thunderbird (aka Mark Hussein?)

Anthony Nese

Shelton Benjamin

Johnny Gargano

Chavo Guerrero

Arya Daivari

Brian Cage (left) and S-- R-- (he wrote in and asked that his name be deleted from this blog.)

Chris Jericho

El Elegido

Flex Armstrong

Matt Magnum

Robbie Dyamite

TJ Perkins

Randy Orton


  1. great stuff to jerk off to!

  2. Stunning selection of muscle,

    It's a shame that p_ick was such a diva about being on here.
    I have seen Cameron Matthews, David Starr, Joey Starr and Tristan Archer have mentioned being on here (and MoW site) and encourage people to look at the site.

  3. LOL. I see Shaun Ricker alot by the swimming pool punching a boxing bag & doing pushups. Yes, he lives in my apartment complex in Hollywood, CA. No one here knows who he is & he's as obnoxious in person as his wrestling character. He promotes himself as a model & and an actor, too, but he has gotten any recent gigs. I used to get off on his body until I met the guy.. he doesn't interest me anymore.

  4. Agree that it's great jerk-off material. Great to see handsome Brian Cage, for two reasons: (A) He's had a shave. Why hide that jaw under stubble? (B) he's stripped to very brief trunks. Thank G-d we can enjoy his magnificent body without the silly tights. Tights should be banned. Randy Orton never wears them, thank heaven. He knows that he looks good nearly naked.

    1. I agree Max, Brian Cage looks so much better after a shave and finding a pair of small trunks

  5. Brian Cage is on the right in that photo

  6. Shaun Ricker is hot. Its a pitty that he doesn't want his name involve in a gay blog. Its obvious that he's the one in the pic anyway. Thunderbird is also delicious.