Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Mark of Corleone

When Mark Jindrak moved to Mexico and reinvented himself as Marco Corleone, he probably didn't think he was going to become a huge superstar in and out of the ring. With his towering height, amazing build, and good looks, he's a bonafide celebrity/sex symbol down South. Viva, Corleone!

She must have won first prize in a contest or something.


  1. Love Jindrak/Corleone. So glad he found bigger success in Mexico! (I saw him on the Travel Channel once, it was pretty exciting.) He's really looking good.

    (Pretty nice ass on the guy in the second picture down, as well.)

  2. Yeah, back in the 70s and 80s in the US he'd be a handsome hero facing the vicious brutes. What did WWE do with him? Name him "Mr Narcissus" who looks in a full length mirror and turn him into a stupid heel.

    Glad he's happy in Mexico.

  3. I've been a big fan of Mark/Marco since his very early days in the Indy's. Remarkable body and incredibly handsome as well. It's such a shame the WWE never knew what to do with him. These pics are great - thanks a lot.

  4. A stunning selection, cheers.

    Ahh, I remember the poster of him in an old WCW magazine wearing oh-so-tight red trunks ...mmm, happy times!