Friday, May 31, 2013

Body Shots

Say goodbye to May and hello to June. Summer is here! You know what that means -- it's shirtless beefcake season!
Johnny Curtis/Fandango

Petey Williams


Peter Orlov (formerly known as Alex Koslov)

Nathan Cruz (UK)

Mark Haskins (UK)

Jean Sensation (Norway)

Caleb Konley

Marco Corleone (formerly known as Mark Jindrak)

Ted Di Biase Jr.

Ricky McKenzie (UK)

Unidentified Rookie Wrestler


  1. I want to see every wrestler in this post in a match against the last wrestler featured here. Who's with me?

  2. Hey, Bruno. I want to see that too! Rookie's a cutie! That's an interesting tattoo above his left knee; it resembles the symbol for 'RECYCLING'. I'D sure love to use (and ABUSE) him again and again...and again! ;D

  3. That hot rookie is JJ Garrett. I agree, Bruno, would love to see him vs each wrestler posted.

    1. cheers for letting us know who the twink, i mean the rookie is.

      Great selection of wrestlers and photos.