Thursday, May 16, 2013

Jessie Godderz From Every Angle

A good friend of this blog who's also been a regular contributor for about a couple of years now, Jim from Chicago, went through his extensive archives and found these pics he took of Jessie Godderz in February 2012. Godderz was still with Ohio Valley Wrestling back then (he's now with TNA). Thanks for these amazing pics, Jim! I know Jessie's fans want to thank you, too.


  1. Yes, thank you, Jim! Those first two pictures, DAMN...

  2. The first photo is so inviting!
    ...but you are right, he is great from every angle!

    Cheers Jim for photos

  3. He is so frikkin sexy....

  4. trunks are a little saggy in the back. Am I the only one who wishes they were tighter? It's not like he can't fill them out :)